Sunday, July 20, 2008


So I just got back from a nice weekend at the family beach house. I've always been a beach bum and I'm always a happier and more relaxed person when I'm there. An added bonus of course, is that there tend to be plenty of hot guys with an excuse to walk around with no shirt (as well as a few who should never be excused from wearing a shirt, but hey, can't win 'em all). It was a really nice weekend spent with various immediate and extended family members and on a beach that was 10-20 degrees cooler than my home just an hour and a half away.

Work continues to go pretty well. I had a decently successful week this past week and hope it continues this coming week. Grad school is just about 5-6 weeks away, which is going to creep up really quickly.

It feels like the one part of my life that just won't get it's act together like the rest...the love life. Unfortunately, I'm not seeing that turning around anytime soon, but hey, I can hope right?


Jay said...

Gay love is perhaps the hardest thing to find. Hopefully once it does happen though, it'll be perfect.

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TrevorLiebing said...

It is possible to find love! My parnter and I have been through 3.5 wonderful years and we are only 24, and 21. Its never exactly what you have pictured in your mind, but its out there! Keep your chin up and keep up the blog! I am really enjoying it. Feel free to read mine too! Trevor