Tuesday, November 13, 2007

At Long Last

So I just realized it's been a crazy long time since I posted. Definitely time for an update.

Work is absolutely crazy. I love my job, but it definitely keeps me on my toes. It is at times stressful since everything involves actual people who need my assistance in some small or large way. I now have been transferred a full load of clients who are now entirely my responsibility. It is at times difficult to not take things home with me and to leave my clients and work at the office, but like with the patients I treat as an EMT, it is something I am learning.

Aside from that, on the religion front, I have been weekly attending the Episcopal church that I discovered over the summer. I have also met with one of the priests there and am currently adventuring into a little reading. I've always had a head for theology and think I will really enjoy future conversations with the priest and others in the church. I am learning a fair bit as a I go, but it is occassionaly frustrating. I spent my whole life up until last winter in the Roman Catholic Church where I was extremely involved and knew so much. I now want to know as much in the Episcopal Church, but it will take some time to get there. I am fortunate in that I have a very strong Christian theological background which is helping significantly. I also look forward to becoming more involved in the parish.

More to come soon.